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I am mom of four awesome kids who keep me on my toes. I am also a self-employed photographer, so when I miss a day of work for someone being sick its a big deal. This past winter we passed strep around our house three times, and several sessions had to be rescheduled. When my younger two boys were diagnosed with the flu two days before Christmas, I decided to give Young Living a try. Nadine had sent me some samples the week before, and I put the thieves and lavender on the bottoms of our feet. Not only did the boys recover overnight, but no one else got the flu. I could not believe we went from a 103.7 fever to normal overnight just using the oils. At that point I couldn’t wait to buy my starter kit and learn as much as I could. I absolutely love Stress Away and use it every day. I’m a single mom, and severely outnumbered, and Stress Away really helps keep my emotions in check. We’re adding oils into our routine every day and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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